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Over the last few years, it has been increasingly difficult for the home mechanic, and even the small to medium independent garages, to carry out routine maintenance and servicing procedures on even the most popular vehicles. The main reason for this is not a lack of knowledge or skill, but a lack of the proper specialist tooling.

I know very highly skilled BMW technicians who are unable to change their wives' Ford Fiesta cambelt due to lack of tooling and have paid ten times their own hourly rate to a Ford dealership to carry out this simple task.

Now whether your view is that this a deliberate move on the part of the manufacturers to ensure you take the vehicle to a franchised dealership for maintenance at their rather elevated costs, or that the new splined screw holding your door trim on is in fact a huge technological advance over that Phillips headed screw that has been used for the last 80 years or more successfully to do this task, the net result is that without the right tools, you will not be able to do it easily, properly or in many cases, at all!

As victims of this regime for the last 21 years maintaining vehicles as G S Automobiles, we have now decided to fight back as PhoenixMotorsport and provide the competent home mechanic, (and the small independent garages,) with the tooling to continue the maintenance of these vehicles.

It is assumed that the mechanic has all the general hand tools required and the skills to use them, and this is why we only supply the specialist tools required, not the basic socket sets, spanners/wrenches or screwdrivers etc. Please also note that the tools enable you to carry out the relevant task, in most cases they do not tell you how to do the job. For this we recommend a service or specialist workshop manual. Most come with instructions for use i.e. how to set the cam timing, but not how to change the cambelt.

Please see our tool pages for our most popular tools in 6 separate categories, Timing Sets, Cam and Crank Tools, Specialist Socketry, Suspension Tools, Specialist Tools, and Miscellaneous Tools. We have also a huge range of other tooling available; please contact us with your requirements if what you need is not shown.

Tool Rental

We have available for you to hire, a full range of specialist tooling to enable you to carry out routine maintenance and repairs on your vehicle, that without this equipment, you would not be able to do so properly or easily. Even routine cambelt/camchain, camshaft, head gasket, brake, suspension and trim tasks can be impossible to carry out correctly without an investment in tools you may only ever use once. Now, the home mechanic, with the skills, but not the specialist tooling required, strikes back at the dealers and manufacturers with this new tool hire service.

See our Tool Rentals Page under Services, or contact us to learn more.

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